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Query recommendation for children

by Sergio Duarte Torres, Djoerd Hiemstra, Ingmar Weber, Pavel Serdyukov.  One of the biggest problems that children experience while searching the web occurs during the query formulation process. Children have been found to struggle formulating queries based on keywords given ...


EmSe: supporting children’s information needs within a hospital environment

by The PuppyIR team. The Emma Search (EmSe) demonstrator developed for the Emma Children's Hospital showcases the PuppyIR project and PuppyIR framework for building information services for children. Read the paper.


EmSe: initial evaluation of a child-friendly medical search system

by The PuppyIR team. When undergoing medical treatment in combination with extended stays in hospitals, children have been frequently found to develop an interest in their condition and the course of treatment. A natural means of searching for ...

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